‘MLB The Show 19’ Player Update Adds Eloy Jimenez And Other New Major Leaguers

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Eloy Jimenez will be added to roster on Friday.


The first player update for MLB The Show 19 is going live on Friday. Per the Sony San Diego Studio’s Twitch stream on Thursday, the update should happen around 3 pm ET.

The update does not affect ratings, it just adds players who weren’t previously included into the roster. For example, highly touted prospects like Eloy Jimenez of the Chicago White Sox and the San Diego Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr. have been added. Those players are accessible in a franchise and other offline modes, as well as Diamond Dynasty as you can see from Healy’s tweet below:

In total, there will be 22 new players in the roster. The Diamond Dynasty versions of the players will be a part of the Future Stars set.  SSDS’ Ramone Russell explained the process of adding new players to the official roster. According to Russell, players have to play at least one Major League game and be acknowledged by the MLB and MLB Players Association before being included in The Show. These acknowledgments have to happen before the Wednesday cutoff for adding new players to the game each week.

If all of those things don’t happen before Wednesday, the player will not be added to the game until the following week.

In addition to the new players, there will also be a host of new Moments for players to complete. One set of those Moments will focus on the opening week of the MLB season. There’s also new This Week in Baseball History Moments that carry specific rewards.

The Moments feature is one of the best new additions to the MLB The Show series. If SSDS can continue to churn them out in a timely manner, it will further connect the real-life MLB with The Show experience. This is just one part of the major roster news happening with The Show this weekend.

Hardcore fans of the series are also awaiting the fan-made Operation Sports Full Minors roster which promises to be the most in-depth set since RidinDwnKingsley and Co. began this labor of love years ago. Once it is completed, I’ll take a deep-dive look at it and share what was done with this year’s project.


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