Delhi Police team mistaken for child-lifters in Bareilly

A team of Delhi Police was confronted by locals in Bareilly after locals mistook them for child lifters. (Photo credit: ANI)

Sleuths of Delhi Police had a hard time in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, after local in mistook them for child-lifters and confronted them.

The team went to Bareilly for a raid. The locals confronted the personnel who were in civil and were accompanied by the woman plaintiff.

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However, the local police came to their rescue and safely escorted the Delhi police personnel from the mob.

“A team of Delhi Police came here for the raid. They were not in uniforms and a woman plaintiff was also with them. The locals mistook them for child-lifters. There was no incident of violence. We explained to the people that it was the team of Delhi police,” said S Singh, SP Rural, Bareilly.


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