Chinese Ice Hockey Players Brutally Beat Their Hong Kong Counterparts

Image result for Chinese Ice Hockey Players Brutally Beat Their Hong Kong CounterpartsChinese ice hockey players of Kunlun Red Star from the mainland city of Shenzhen, in Guangdoing province were recorded brutally beating their counterparts from Hong Kong and have been reportedly banned from the sport.

Hong Kong’s youth team was winning 11-2 against Kunlun in a National Youth Games match when the ugly scenes broke out, according to South China Morning Post.

According to a video posted on social media, two Kunlun players can be seen repeatedly punching Hong Kong’s number 23, reported to be Jonathan Wong, on the head as the player tries to shield himself from the blows.

In the video, a woman can also be heard screaming “stop, stop” from outside the rink. Two referees eventually intervene and stop the fight.

Embedded video

The Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association said that three Shenzhen players were banned for a year by the organisers following the match, held in Chengde, northeast of Beijing.

Radio Free Asia reported that Hong Kong’s coach described the attacks as “despicable,” “dirty,” and “a violation of sportsmanship.”

While Radio Free Asia reported that the China Ice Hockey Association that the scenes in the video were a “collision”, according to the South China Morning Post, the association assured such incidents will not be repeated.


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